Information Visualization

SI 649 Information Visualization

This site describes the my project for the course SI 649 entitled "Information Visualization."

seismic data Evan's Geophysical is a seismic data broker located in Suttons Bay Michigan. They lease space in their climate controlled warehouse to seismic data owners (think big oil companies) to house magnetic data "tapes." The data on these tapes consist of topographical maps and sonar data readouts that show the density of the ground in a particular area.

Baumann Resources, and oil and gas prospecting firm, is also located in Suttons Bay, Michigan, and is one of the clients of Evan's Geophysical. Evan's Geophysical sells seismic data to Mr. Baumann (the owner of Baumann Resources), but before the transaction takes place, there are a number of complicated variables for Mr. Baumann to Consider before purchasing the seismic data.

The goal of this project is to design a visualization that takes into account the many variables that must be considered before and after a seismic data purchase in order to determine if a potential oil/gas exploration site is promising prospect.